Meridian Street Preservation Commission

Preserving the Historic North Meridian Street Neighborhood in Indianapolis

In 1971, the Meridian Street Preservation Act (Indiana Statute PL 260-1971) was passed.  It requires any owner in the North Meridian Street Preservation Area (both Primary and Secondary Areas) to secure the approval of the Meridian Street Preservation Commission (MSPC) for any proposed change in land use (rezoning) or zoning variance. See the Preservation Area Plan. In addition, the owners of properties on North Meridian Street in the Primary Preservation Area must have proposed modifications of exterior features of their house and property through construction, reconstruction, alteration or demolition approved by the MSPC prior to beginning any work.

The Design Guidelines document, the MSPC Chair, and the area’s neighborhood organizations can provide guidance.

To get an overview of the application process to secure approval, refer to the “Application Approval Process Chart.” For written instructions for filing, refer to the “Application Packet and Instructions” below. The Commission hears and votes on applications and petitions as specified in State Statute IC-7-36-11.2.

Deadline for filing an application is 30 days before the meeting date (see the MSPC Hearing Schedule for dates of upcoming hearings and for dates that all documents are due from applicants).

If you are concerned about activity in the North Meridian Street Preservation Area and are concerned that proper MSPC approval may not have been obtained, please contact the MSPC.  If you observe work on a property in the North Meridian Street Preservation area that you are sure has not obtained approval, please contact the Mayor’s Action Center at 317.327.4622 (ask for the Mayor’s Neighborhood Advocate for the property address in violation), or contact the MSPC.

The Commission

Commission members are appointed by the Mayor of the City of Indianapolis and the Governor of Indiana. Meetings are held monthly.

The Meridian Street Preservation Commission is chaired by a representative from the City of Indianapolis Department of Metropolitan Development (see IC 36-7-11.2-19 through IC 36-7-11.2-26 of State Statute).  A representative from the State of Indiana Attorney General’s Office serves as counsel.  See Indiana State IAC Rules Title 925 (as a web page, as a document) for additional rules that have been adopted to help the Commission administer the State Statute and govern the procedures of the Commission, applicants, and interested parties (e.g., supporters and remonstrators of an application).

You’ve got questions?

We’ve got answers. You’ll find a few answers here, in our Frequently Asked Questions document. Also, make sure you check out our Application Process chart. If you don’t find what you are looking for, just contact the commission.

MSPC Filings Archive

Certificate of Appropriateness and Zoning Variance filings.

Certificate of Appropriateness (by Year and Case Number)

Certificate of Appropriateness (by Address)

Application for Prior Approval of a Variance

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